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Séminaire Pr Joël Glover "Vestibular reflex circuits: from molecules to function"

Détails de la réservation

Détails de l'évènement

Joel Glover
  Institute of Basic Medical Science, University of Oslo


"Vestibular reflex circuits: from molecules to function"



Abstract :

Vestibular reflex circuits are known to provide rapid modulation of muscle activity to compensate for disturbances of position and balance. As such, they include relatively direct pathways that channel vestibular sensory information to motor output, with a connectional logic that is, at least in general terms, readily comprehensible. Because vestibular reflex circuits appeared early in vertebrate evolution, and many of their organizational features are highly conserved across the vertebrate radiation, it is likely that their developmental construction is governed to a large extent by deterministic molecular mechanisms. Using this as a working hypothesis, we are investigating patterns of gene expression in central vestibular projection neurons, in an attempt to identify molecular signatures that may be related to the specification of synaptic connectivity in vestibular circuits. In this talk, I will present our efforts to identify molecular signatures for identified vestibulospinal neuron groups, and to use these to 1) develop hypotheses about how vestibulospinal neuron identities are determined, and 2) generate genetic tools for the selective characterization and manipulation of vestibulospinal neurons and their functional connections. I will also touch on more recent efforts to expand this analysis to other classes of vestibular projection neurons, as well as experiments we have conducted over several years to provide more detailed and comprehensive knowledge about how vestibular projections are organized and what they do.

Invité par Muriel Thoby-Brisson, INCIA


  • Nom : Rodriguez Arnaud