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Séminaire Andrea Brovelli "Learning brain network discovery and functional connectivity analysis of MEG data"

Détails de la réservation

Détails de l'évènement

Andrea Brovelli
Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone, UMR 7289,
Aix Marseille Université, CNRS


"Learning brain network discovery and functional connectivity analysis of MEG data"


Abstract :

Cognitive functions arise from the complex interplay of local and distributed processes, and the flexible communication between neural populations in distinct cortical regions and networks. In my talk, I will present a novel approach exploiting gamma-band neural activity measured by means of magnetoencephalography (MEG) to study the dynamics and directionality of cortico-cortical functional connectivity. I will present two studies in which we characterized the directed functional connectivity dynamics supporting adaptive behaviors and visuomotor transformations (Brovelli et al., JNeurosci, 2015; 2017). In the second part of my talk, I will present a recent method developed in collaboration with Stefano Panzeri (IIT) able to quantify both the amount and content of information transfer between neuronal signals, and its application to brain network discovery (Bim et al., biorxiv, 2019). Finally, I will represent preliminary results on the brain networks supporting explorative and exploitative behaviors during goal-directed learning. Altogether, I will present recent advances in computational neurophysiology tools that have the potential to uncover feature-specific information transfer between brain regions and provide a better understanding of human brain communication mediating learning and adaptive behaviors.

Invité par Etienne Coutureau


  • Nom : Rodriguez Arnaud