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Phd seminar – Barbara Webb "Neural circuits for navigation in insects"

Détails de la réservation

Détails de l'évènement

Barbara Webb
Professor of Biorobotics
Institute for Perception, Action and Behaviour
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh



"Neural circuits for navigation in insects"


Abstract :

Insect navigation has been a focus of behavioural study for many years, but the neural mechanisms are largely unknown. We have used computational modelling to bridge this gap, by relating the computational requirements of navigational tasks to the type of computation offered by invertebrate brain circuits. We have shown that visual memory of passing views could be
acquired by associative learning in the mushroom body neuropil, and allow insects to recapitulate long routes. We have also proposed a circuit in the central complex neuropil that integrates sky compass and optic flow information on an outbound path and can thus steer the animal directly home. The models are strongly constrained by neuroanatomy, and are tested in realistic agent and robot simulations.

Invited by Bordeaux Neurocampus and NBA


  • Nom : Rodriguez Arnaud