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Conférence Thomas Kirkwood "Understanding Ageing: The Great Puzzle of Our Time"

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Thomas Kirkwood

Newcastle University and University of Copenhagen


"Understanding Ageing: The Great Puzzle of Our Time"


Abstract :

Why do we grow old? Is ageing the result of a genetic programme? What determines the life spans of humans and other species? Is there a limit to human longevity? How can we improve our personal health span? These and many other questions about the causes of ageing have assumed new urgency as more and more of us survive into old age, affecting almost every aspect of our society. This lecture will examine what science is revealing about both the ultimate rationale of ageing (its evolutionary foundation) and its proximate causes (the mechanisms that eventually result in disability, diseases and death). It turns out that ageing is more malleable than we used to think, making it possible to aspire to secure better health for longer, but that the underlying complexity is likely to present some formidable challenges.

Invitation : Maël Lemoine / Wiebke Bretting / Thomas Pradeu

ImmunoConcept – Umr 5164


  • Nom : Rocher Virginie