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Since 2002, the Bordeaux Functional Genomics Center (CGFB) brings seven scientific and technological platforms together, dedicated to the study of living organisms at cellular and molecular scale.

This infrastructure has four main tasks:

  • A mission to support scientific and technological research activities carried by the public and private laboratories.
  • A mission of educating students and information among researchers on new technologies.

  • A mission to promote innovation by developing new technologies.

The platforms ensure the mutualization of analytical and technological skills and of heavy equipments for use of public and private research laboratories.

This infrastructure is flexible and scalable to allow the integration of new platforms, and new research teams, to take into account the emergence of new technologies.

In the Aquitaine R?gion, these platforms are aimed at supporting private companies and research activities of scientifice communities. The sectors concerned are :

  • Health disciplines with neuroscience, oncology, cardiology, microbiology, etc..
  • Agricultural science with the disciplines of plant biology and microbiology

  • Food industry

  • Forestry

  • Viticulture and oenology

These sectors correspond to some of the priorities set up by the Region Authority for economic development. A mission to support economic development in collaboration with industrial partners.