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Quality Management

Quality management in the Bordeaux Functional Genomics Center (CGFB)

Since 2008, the CGFB platforms are engaged in a quality assurance policy to express their commitment to the Good Laboratory Practices. This quality approach was initiated by the implementation of control methods, monitoring equipment and the definition of requests and projects traceability means. Optimization of visibility on the quality of services rendered to all the beneficiaries (academic or private users, scientific community at large, etc ...) has also become a priority.

Since 2010, this quality management rely on on the recommendations of ISO 9001:2008. The standard used to define the main objectives for quality management, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Quality management supported by the Bordeaux Functional Genomics Center (CGFB) and IBiSA

A new support policy and monitoring platforms was proposed by the Office of CGFB in 2010 and thanks to the support of the Scientific Interest Group IBiSA, 5 platforms are certified to ISO9001:2008 and 2 of them obtained also the certification to the new standard NFX 50-900.