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Séminaire Dr. Jean-Christophe Rain "In vitro selection & optimization of synthetic single-domain antibodies"

Détails de la réservation

Détails de l'évènement

 Dr. Jean-Christophe Rain

Hybrigenics Services

"In vitro selection & optimization of synthetic single-domain antibodies"


Abstract :

Hybrigenics and collaborators have designed a fully synthetic, humanized naïve Llama VHH library containing 3x109 independent VHH clones, based on a unique scaffold with random complementary determining regions (CDRs). A combination of phage display and subsequent yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) or Yeast Display screening is applied to identify VHH nanobodies reactive to native antigens that retain functionality even inside living cells (so-called intrabodies). Also, large proteins, haptens and membrane receptors can be successfully selected from this library.The affinities of our VHH is comparable to the affinity of antibodies selected after animal immunization, but we also present a platform for optimization of VHH from our library or derived from Llama immunization. The VHH clones are directly applicable, but can also be produced as fusions to either human, mouse, sheep or rabbit Fc domains. We will illustrate the capabilities of our platform with an example of selection and optimization of VHH against Tau, to explore the mechanisms underlying tau pathophysiology.

Invité par Erwan Bezard


  • Nom : Erwan Bezard