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Conférence mensuelle - Alexandre Baffet "Microtubule-based transport in radial glial progenitor cells"

Détails de la réservation

Détails de l'évènement

Alexandre Baffet

PhD seminar de novembre

PhD, Institut Curie / Paris / Teamleader


"Microtubule-based transport in radial glial progenitor cells"



Our group investigates the mechanisms governing neocortex development, focusing on microtubule-based processes in neuronal progenitor cells. In mouse, the main progenitor type is the apical radial glial cell (aRG). I will present published data describing the molecular mechanism controlling cell cycle-dependent nuclear oscillations occurring in the cells, a process known as Interkinetic Nuclear Migration (INM). I will further present ongoing research, based on high resolution subcellular live imaging within embryonic brain slices, aimed at identifying the mechanisms for post-Golgi polarized trafficking, as well as acentrosomal microtubule organization in these cells. Finally, I will discuss about a second type of neuronal progenitor cells, the basal radial glial cell (bRG cells). These cells are extremely rare in mice but very abundant in humans, and believed to account for the large size expansion of the human brain. I will present tools that we are currently developing in the lab to investigate these cells in human tissue.

Invitant : Bordeaux Neurocampus / NBA