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2015 Highlights

2015 Highlights

The structuration and promotion actions undertaken by the CGFB platforms have enabled to make up a coherent set of platforms, which serve the various scientific communities. The scientific reputation of this structure goes now way beyond the Aquitaine region, for laboratories that use CGFB services are located both in France and abroad. The number of private companies, which use CGFB services (In Aquitaine, France and abroad) has been increasing. The supervision policy of the platforms has made it possible to have a rational and optimized use of the available resources.

You will find below the list of highlights for 2015 and a document to download detailing these highlights (in french).

  • Efforts to meet the needs of industry

  • Life platform is full of events, here are some highlights that marked 2015

  • PF imaging: Imaging Center The Bordeaux player in French and European Research Area with France Bio-Imaging and Euro BioImaging and en route to the Neurocampus

  • PF Metabolome: First impact of R & D developments and phenome MetaboHUB under national collaborations

  • PF Proteome: Strong increase in size of the treated scientific projects, a new technology for assessing the Ubiquitome, a powerful platform, Acquisition of a robot dedicated to the study of protein-protein interactions by isotope H/D exchange.

  • PF BioPhysicoChimie Structural: Dr. Adam Lange, biophysicist, winner of an ERC funding "grant starting" determine atomic structures of membrane and fibrillar proteins involved in viral and bacterial infections, or in neurodegenerative disorders.

  • PF Genome-Transcriptome: Full marks for the hosting of European researchers in the Trees4 Future project; Development of a method of noninvasive prenatal detection (DPNI) with a consortium of 7 CHU

  • PF Bioinformatics: The CBiB invests in the development of FHU (University Hospital Federation)